Purchase a Squid Game Halloween Cosplay on Amazon

Who else has been on the hunt for a Squid Game costume in time for Halloween? It’s been hard to find an inexpensive, but efficient way of getting me that squid game outfit.

The website I used was: www.squidgameuniforms.com/

For people who don’t understand, Squid Game is Netflix’s hottest hit. It came out September 17th and has been wildly viral since.

Now you have to be quick to get a costume for it, since it is going to be bought out if you don’t! It’s difficult finding a source for the cosplays that is not going to take forever to provide them. That’s why I was happy when SquidGameUniforms.com found where you could get the cosplays from Amazon’s store itself – easier to see how they would be delivered.

They exhibit exactly how to look like your favorite players, like Abdul Ali, Kang Sae-byeok, Seong Gi-hun , Oh Il-nam, and Cho Sang-woo. A lot of peeps have been trying to get the squid game contestant or guard uniforms. My main difficulty was the masks.

But that site showed me how I could get full combos for the costumes, complete with shoes, masks, and even wigs lol. Besides the player and guard uniforms, they also have The Front Man’s masks and the VIP masks from Squid Game. They additionally have a cosplay so you can look ike the Red Light Green Light girl!

It’s been nice having together the components to become a Squid Game guard for halloween online, so I wanted to share this for everybody else on the hunt.


Thanks again to Reddit for making my Squid Game agent costume dreams come true 🙂

Purchase a Squid Game Halloween Cosplay on Amazon

I bet I am not the only one hoping to get my Squid Game Halloween Costume – right? It’s been hard to find an reasonably priced, but efficient way of getting me that squid game costume.

squidgameuniforms.com has all the info you need to get a costume.

Squid Game is the most viral Korean show to come out of Netflix in the last 5 years. It released September 17th and has been wildly viral since.

Now you have to be quick to get a costume for it, since it is going to be bought out if you don’t! I’ve seen a lot of distributors trying to deliver the costumes from like China – which will take way too long imo. SquiGameUniforms.com has a bunch of alternate sources for the cosplays through Amazon, so you can take your pick!

They demonstrate exactly how to look like your fav contestants, like Abdul Ali, Kang Sae-byeok, Seong Gi-hun , Oh Il-nam, and Cho Sang-woo. I know a lot of my friends want the squid game guard and squid game player costumes specifically. My main difficulty was the masks.

But the SquidGameUniforms site showed me how to get the finished outfits, even with masks and shoes, through Amazon! They also have The Masked Man’s mask, and the VIP masks that were worn by the rich American VIPs in Squid Game. They also have a costume so you can look ike the Red Light Green Light girl!

I am just happy I finally found a way to get together all the pieces I would need for a squid game costume for Halloween, and I’ll probably keep using these to cosplay throughout the coming year.

Hope this helps!

Shout out to Reddit for helping me find this site!

Vince Sant’s VShred Workout – A Review (Is it a Scam?)

If you are reading into whether or not you should buy the V Shred guide, you’ve probably seen a lot of reviews already.One thing that made me be reluctant to buy the program was not being familiar with who Vince Sant even was.

I needed info on the creator and the program itself.At long last, I discovered one of the better and more in depth reviews.Kaylee did a review of the guide at vshredreview.com.

She did a lot of research, and was able to answer whether or not you could trust V Shred and Vince sant himself.While she claimed that Vince seemed like a nice enough person, she did admit to not loving V Shred.

That said, she did manage to find good results on her fat loss journey WITHOUT V Shred.She doesn’t mention it often, but she does include it as an alternative to V Shred if you’re trying to lose weight.

The option she suggests by the way (which is a lot less expensive than V shred at only $29.99 rather than $149.00) is the Jen Ferruggia Bikini Body Workouts, which you can check out here: http://bikinibodyworkouts.club/

Kaylee’s site gave me a in depth look at V Shred, and confirmed to me that I could get a better and cheaper program if I swapped to Jen’s bikini body workouts instead.

After reading everything Kaylee had to say about v shred, it was an easy choice to go with her alternative instead.
If you want to save time and money while losing weight, I would say just skip to Jen’s bikini body workouts.

There’s even a Sale on Ferruggia’s workout now! You can find the coupon for Jen’s Bikini Body Workouts here:  https://www.workingdiscountcodes.com/bikini-body-workouts-coupon/

Hopefully this aids you if you’ve been looking for reviews on Vince Sant or V Shred.
Haping losing (weight)!

P.S. No dislike at all for Vince Sant. What he’s managed to build with his success is really extraordinary, and I see a lot of men hate on him just because he’s the “biggest” person in weight loss at the moment. I think it’s unfair to say that his programs don’t work well just because they might not have worked for you. Everyone’s different! I only believe that women should make mindful choices when it comes to how much they invest in programs especially.

Who Is The VShred Guy?

People are interested to know who is the man behind V Shred. Vince Sant co-founded the health and fitness brand in 2015 alongside Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, Kevin Pearn. They wanted to spread their techniques of losing weight to as many people as possible, and nowadays it is one of the fastest growing online fitness brands in the world.

Vince shares his workout exercises, tips, and more on the V Shred YouTube channel which has over 2 million subscribers. He’s also well-known on Instagram, where he more than 900k followers.

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Learn About the V Shred Guy – Vince Sant – From Kaylee

I know that folks have been attempting to work out if V Shred is a scam or not – well look no further cause I’ve found the BEST Vince Sant AKA the V Shred Guy review in https://vshredreview.com. If you’re thinking about getting Vince Sant’s work out, you DEFINITELY want to read this first. Especially because his diet plan and guides are sooooo pricey. It’s even almost impossible to find any discount codes or coupons for it.

There is a LOT of fad diets out there, and V Shred is pretty much everywhere, so its no surprise it’s beginning to go viral as an increasing number of people hear about it. It feels like Vince has invested a great deal of money on attempting to spread the word about his program. And, quite honestly, he’s SHREDDED so it’s not surprising that people are willing to listen to what he states concerning fitness. But there’s a danger for the – if you follow what he says kindly you might be duped into buying a costly program. Well maybe tricked isn’t the perfect word, but you can definitely end up making a purchase you wouldn’t have made otherwise because you are starstruck. While I do like that Vince doesn’t create any crazy claims with his work out, like he doesn’t say you can lose 30 pounds in 3 days or any nonsense like this, but with a workout selling for $150 that he doesnt have to. It is always very important to do your research.

I am seeing a lot of claims concerning V Shred being a scam. I am not sure if those claims are true or not, but make sure that if you are going to find the Vince Sant workouts that you simply do it in the official site. It is possible that a number of the claims of V shred being a scam are because they only offer refunds on a number of the products, not all them. That is just another reason it’s important to do your research before you buy anything, especially a workout. Overall it seems like this V Shred app is decent, but has mixed reviews and is super pricey. I would stick with alternatives